What we do

Mash Medical is one of the world’s leading medical tourism operators. We specialize in designing, operating and monitoring each and every aspect of medical tourism for hospitals and medical centers we work with.

By utilizing a unique marketing and sales approach, as well as capitalizing on advanced communication technologies, we can handle all aspects of marketing medical services for international providers.

At Mash Medical, our aim is to achieve greater exposure for both the medical provider and the medical services they provide, regardless of where they are located. We deliver a win-win approach, by addressing the hospital’s economic interests and offering patients the most advanced medicine from around the world.

We at Mash Medical exercise a transparent process that places the medical institute at the forefront, while we operate behind the scenes. This process allows us to guarantee a rise in patient volume, an increase that is limited only to the maximum capacity of the hospital or medical center.

The Israeli-based Mash Medical is active in a number of international markets, including Europe, Asia and the U.S.A.

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